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Ant and Dec Crossword!!!

Ant & Dec Crossword!!!

Here's a lovely crossword all about Ant and Dec. Unfortunately my web skills aren't up to the cool interactive quiz type stuff. But if you like you can print this off and play on a train, if you're going on a long journey and likely to get very bored at some point. Enjoy.... let me know if you spot any obvious mistakes.... oh the extra thick lines are just random, sorry.

ant and dec quiz


 1  In which northern city did the boys appear in Panto  (10)
 5  see 2 down  
 7  What song contains the classic line "funky, punky, soul, rock n roll, hip hop"  (3,5,5)
 11  What's Dec's star sign?  (5)
 12  Little Ant and Dec asked a famous American movie starlet who's dad she preferred. But by what nickname is the lovely lady often referred to as?  (1,2)
 15  I think about you all night, when you're gone I dream of you. Write your name upon my window, you're _______?  (7)
 17  Which TV feature was introduced with the song "you can ring my bell"?  (4,2,5)
 20  And what TV feature did the boys wear blue and white stripped shirts and blue waistcoats?  (4,3,6)
 21  See 27 across  
 23  "We're geordies, we're geordies tra la la la la la la" sang the northern lovelies. But in the song they didn't say bread no they said "_____ cakes"  (7)
 24  Who directed and appeared in the video for Stepping stone?  (6,6)
 27  "Long conversations alone in the dark, that carried on till way after dark" Fine words but from what song?  (7) and 21 across (4)
 28  Which TV feature involved the boys camping it up with comedy pipes and leather?  (7)
 29  Whereabouts in London do the boys live? At least did they live in March 2003?  (8)


 2  What music award show did the boys host in 2001 and 2002?  (6) and 5 across (2, 3, 4)
 3  What's Ant's star sign?  (7)
 4  What TV show did Dec's lovely lady appear in with her twin sister in their school days?  (6, 4)
 6  Which Soap did the boys foil with their comedy Jamaican lady outfits?  (9)
 8  Who has the most siblings out of the two lovlies?  (3)
 9  According to the boys, to recreate the video for Michael Jackson's Earth song video you need a hairdryer and what vegetable?  (6)
 10  What song did the boys perform in fabulous style on American Idol?  (9, 7)
 13  What Geordie comedy show did the boys recreate for Saturday night telly? The ______ ____ ?  (6, 4)
 14  Before being involved in that religious cult what addiction did young Duncan battle with?  (5, 8)
 16  In 2001 the boys hosted which top music award ceremony and gave nowt to Craig David?  (3,5)
 18  Can you complete these song lyrics? "You talk and talk, their mind's made up, You beg and pray, the only way they're gonna listen today is _____"  (5)
 19  Ant's lovely lady was in a fab group who gave us "on the bible" before splitting up. But what were they called?  (5)
 22  What take that video did the boys recreate with the simple use of a watering can?  (4)
 25  What famous Mathew was a regular on Retro cops and once complained while applying nail varnish it wasn't the same colour as on the bottle?  (5)
 26  Which city did the boy's turn the chrimbo light on for back in 1995? (The shrine was there too)  (5)

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